Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rain Storm

After days of sweltering heat, suddenly on Friday afternoon, about 4 o'clock, the weather changed and we got a hail storm and wind and rain storm. The wind was VERY strong. After the storm we went out on the main avenue to get some pic of the aftermath:) It looked like a war zone!

The electricity was cut because this concrete pole broke with the force of the wind!There were live electrical wires all around. We only got our electricity back at 1 am.

Here you can see that the roof of the Assembly of God Church is "Gone with the Wind!"

Some sheets of roofing got caught in the electrical lines,

others landed on the ground all twisted up,

and some broke roofs of other's homes and establishments.

I like this pic:) the light posts at the "park" are all crooked from the force of the wind.

We praise God that He held our roof in place through all this! Brother Adilson from our church lost his entire roof and a couple other families from church have sheets of roofing to replace where tree branches came crashing through. Thanks for praying for our safety!

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Jessica Duarte LIma said...

Hey Jana, you make a great reporter!!!! Love you....