Thursday, October 30, 2008

What have we been up to..

Hi friends,
Here's a little update on what we have been up to. Jed and Dad have started to make railing for the "Prophets chamber". We are also starting to fix up our church before our church aniversary that will be the 5,6,and 7th of December so we have
1 Month to;
Repaint the church inside and outside,
Tile the mens bathroom,
Tile the stairway,
Make side-walk,
Sew curtains and decorations,
Furnish laidies bathroom with a baby changing table,
Put new light fixture,
Clean, clean, and clean :)
And other little odds and ends.
Anybody want to come and help us?!? :)
We are Encouraged to see needy brothers and sisters giving to the Lord what they can. They want the Lord,s house to look the best. Amen! We know that all our work and labor we do for the Lord is NOT in vain. We need your prayers in these months to come.
Pray for;
Safety as Dad and Jed work.
That the Lord will supply all that we need.

Dad tripped on a cord today and hit his hand on the wall and this is what happened. So once again pray for our safety :)

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