Saturday, November 8, 2008

Church repairs day 2.

Major painting goal.... and we did it!

We are so happy that we got the WHOLE church painted in one day! Alex said that God performed a miracle. We got the whole inside painted with only 1 big can of paint. We thought we were going to need 2. So Lord willing, with the other can we will be painting the outside! We are so grateful for and to all the kids who came to help us. We finished painting around 10 p.m and still washed the whole church. Needless to say, we fell into bed quite tired at 11 last night but we did get a good's night sleep and are currently getting ready for Fancielly's baby shower this afternoon. Look for pictures soon!

get ready to work!

Jana did a large percentage of the painting

Jed, the monkey

Jana and Karina goofing off

Dirty, Happy people

Nice work, Jess!

"Do as I say, and not as I do!"

Teamwork makes it so much more fun!

These three pics are for Mrs.Courter :)

(*sigh* Note: Jana and Jeni do the posts together; Jana uploads the pics and I(Jeni) do the editing and sometimes the writing. We have a rule around this house that one is not allowed to delete pictures the he himself did not take, so now you know why they are here. *sarcastic tone* Thanks, Jana. I suppose I must resign to a life of being forever mocked and picked on for my love of a "face-lift". Make your own captions.)


Janalee May Duarte said...

All I have to say is I am glad it's over :) I think I will forever dislike the smell of paint!

The Courter Family said...

I can't believe you got it done in just 1 day!! That is a LOT of painting.... Who is the guy Jana is picking on in the one "Do as I say..."?
Thanks for the face painting pics -- I love it!!! Even as much as I detest painting, I wish I were there to have joined in the fun! Love to you all!
Mom C