Monday, November 24, 2008

João Pedro is here !!!

João Pedro arrived this afternoon.

He weighed almost 4 kilos.I love this pic he is holding on to my finger.

Mommy Athays and baby.

Mom meeting João Pedro.

We are so thankful that everythng went fine. Our prayer now is that Rafael and Athays will train João Pedro in the way of the Lord.


Omar & Tracy Schrock said...

Congratulations! Was he born early or was this on time? Tell Athays and Rafael we send our congratulations!

Janalee May Duarte said...

Yes he was born a little early. He suprised us all :)

The Courter Family said...

Congratulations to the new mom and dad!! We have been praying for her and a safe delivery! After how frightened the last natural birth was, I was hoping she would be able to cope well. E-mail me with more details :)
Mom C