Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's

On the 31st our new years service at church started at 10 and went until 12. We sang had a few Games and a Message. After 12 we had "salgados" and watched the fireworks for about 30 min!

We woke up 7 and left to go to our "chacara" with the whole church. The ladies that were in the white car went their way and Dad and the Guys that were in the green "truck" came back to pick Rafael, Athays and Baby Joao Pedro up. They picked them up and were on their way when suddenly out of nowhere came a motorcycle in high velocity and hit the side of the "truck". The Guy on the motorcycle was Soo drunk he could hardly speak. And he didn't have a licence. We were thanking the Lord once again for his watch and care over his children. The drunk guy didn't have one scratch on his body and his motorcycle just had a few minor things broken on it. Giovani that was sitting next to the door saw the motorcycle in time and swung to the middile and wasn't injured. We will have to buy a whole new door and glass for the window. But we are thankful that nothing worse happened.

We had a wonderful day at the chacara with the people from church.We also has some unsaved visitors whom we are trying to win to the Lord. Please keep Thiago, Nayara, Catriciano,Alessandra, and Paulo in you prayers.

Jenifer and Nathalia

The Highlight of our day was swimming! The water hole was full this year for the first time so the guys and some of the girls got to enjoy some swimming.

They even built a "diving board".

What sweet fellowsip!

Fun times!

Playing soccer and volleyball.

The food once again was WONDERFUL!

Issabelly holding her little sister Emanuelly.


Omar - Tracy Schrock said...

What a Great Time! Happy New Year!!!

*~Virginia~* said...

Hello Duarte's!!!! This is Virginia Keckler!!! I just remembered that you guys have a blog!!!! Thats cool!!!
I do too!
Talk to you later!
and I'll be looking for updates!

arielle said...

Hi Jenifer!

Wow what a blessing that guy or your family didn't get hurt!! God is good. And I love the last picture of the girl holding her little sister! So adorable! :-)
Thanks for stopping by my blog.. I hope to see you around :) I love meeting new MK's around the world. May God bless you and your family as you serve him in Brazil!!