Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Parting is such sweet sorrow...we say good-bye until....."

Dear Friends of the blogger world,
We are sad to say "Good-bye", but due to the economical situation here we are having to cut back. The broadband internet is not a "need" so it has to go. It has been fun keeping you informed and I know the girls especially will miss it, but such is life! We will still try to check our emails a couple of times a month but if you cannot contact us via email here is our snail mail address:
Antonio & Lawanda Duarte and Family
CP 3534 F. Correa
78070-970 Cuiaba, MT

Or you can contact us by phone:
(buy an international phone card at Wal-Mart and surprise us!)
(what you dial for long distance)5565-3669-4895
(what you dial for long distance)5565-9903-2340 (cell)
May God bless and keep you in 2009!
Antonio, Lawanda, Jenifer, Janalee & Jedidiah Duarte


Omar - Tracy Schrock said...

We have enjoyed the Blog SO MUCH! We will truly miss it, but will try to keep in contact anyway.
We love you and are praying for you!
-Omar & Tracy

Susana K. Cordeiro said...

ai que pena. mais eu entendo.