Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Camp 2009!

Finally the long awaited day to go to Family camp arrived!! We had lots of fun, wonderful fellowship and Great Preaching for 7 days.

The girls ready to go...

The theme this year was "Real Valor"

The guest speaker was Pr. Richard Leite from Ponta Pora.

There were about 150 campers.

Teens class

Kids class

The guys from our church singing

Jessica, Jenifer, and Janalee singing

Our whole church singing

Cantie Matanatha!

Camps newest toy "the mechanical bull"!

Hold on Jed!!!

Soccer is never left out thought :)

Volley ball games are soo much fun!

Ping-pong tornaments. Karina beat almost everyone and won 2nd place!!!


And More soccer!

Can't forget the wonderful food there...


Can you tell Francielly is enjoying her meal?!?!?

Look at those plates!!!

Whating for the supper bell to ring :)

Our church cleaning the kitchen

Jedidiah and Rogerio scrubbing the "small" pans!

Janalee and Francially drying the lids.

Rodrigo Helping wash the lunch pans.

After the service time for bed!!!

Jenifer and Isabelly

Do we look sleepy?!?!?

Jenifer,Gilmara, Debora,Nathalie,Karina, and Janalee

Time to leave :( Until Next time!


Omar - Tracy Schrock said...

Hey, Thank you all for all those photos! I really enjoyed looking through all of them! Can't wait to get down there!

*~Virginia~* said...

Looks like you all had fun!!!!