Thursday, March 19, 2009


Dear Readers,

Somehow the posts have gotten messed up and are in the wrong order. So if you have not seen "Part 3", please scroll down below "Part 2". I have no idea how this could have happened, and can't seem to find a way to change it easily. So, sorry for the inconvenience! :-)



Anne e Elle said...

Tudo bem???
Esperamos que sim..
Quanto tempo...?
As Fotos ficaram muito bonitas.
Mande noticias suas.


Anne & Elle...No Acre

Daniel James Devine said...

Well, I have no clue what that first comment says. My guess: "Hey! How are you? How's the temperature?"

Was I close?

I've stumbled across your blog on accident after seeing a link to your family and the Doolittles from the Courters site. I don't know them, but I was blog surfing and noticed they visited you in Brazil.

Your grandfather, Robert Doolittle, is also my grandfather by marriage. I believe we met once as kids when he married my now-deceased grandma, Wilma. Technically, I guess we're step-cousins.

It's good to see how things are going there in Cuiaba. My family (parents and three younger siblings) has thrown around the idea of taking a trip to Brazil. Several years ago we visited some missionary friends in Ecuador. We'd love to come down and visit all you Doolittles someday. We'll see what happens.

Hope all is well there!

Take care and God bless,
Daniel Devine

~ Jenifer said...

Ola, Anne e Elle!
Nos vamos muito bem, gracas a Deus!

E como vao voces? Quando vao passar por Cuiaba de novo? Nos gostariamos de ver voces!

Abracos a todos,

~ Jenifer said...

Hello Daniel,

Yes, you were very close in guessing that comment! The translation is: "Hi! How are you?(literally: "everything good"). "Quanto tempo" here means "it's been a long time", but you were close since "tempo" also means "weather" in portuguese. :-)
I hope I made sense out of all that!

That is neat that you found our blog! It has definetly been awhile since our families last met!

It would be wonderful if your family decided to visit Brazil! I call it "God's Country" and of course, I am not one bit biased :-)

Thank-you for visiting our blog and leaving a comment - we so enjoy getting those!

May the Lord richly bless you,
Jenifer Duarte

~ Jenifer said...


Mr. Daniel,
Does your family still have a blog? I used to visit it(along with your mother's), but have not been able to find it lately.

Also, if your family really does come to Brazil, please let us know - we would love to have you all!

In Christ,

Daniel James Devine said...


"Daniel" without the "Mr." is fine; we're about the same age.

We'll certainly let you know if we decide on a Brazil trip. Since the U.S. economy is sluggish right now (which has affected my parents' construction business) it's unlikely we'll take any trips this year. Brazil is always an overseas destination we've kept in mind, though.

I asked my mom about her blog, and she said she took it down, but has gotten a lot of questions about it. So maybe she'll start another one up sometime. I used to have a science blog but ran out of time to keep it updated. However, my younger brother Evan has started a blog at, with posts on political subjects.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I'll be praying for her and I'll let my family know.