Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pray for Mom's Health.

Thursday night we were coming home from the church service at Umuarama and mom was in lots of pain in her left leg. There was a large red and hot spot on her ankle. So we went to the public hospital downtown. We waited a few min to see the DR. and he started her on heprin (blood thinner) suspecting a clot.They also gave her a few shotts for pain. He also wanted her to get a blood test done. We arrived at the Hospital around 9 PM and left at 4 AM when the blood test was done and we saw the Dr again. The Dr said that she needed to see a vascular specialist. On friday afternoon she saw a vascular surgeon who has diagnosed her with "thrombo-phlebitis" a clot and inflamation of one of her large varicosed veins. The skin on her ankle is very thin and every care possible must be taken to keep it from ulcerating. She is on antibiotics, antiinflamatory meds and med for varicose veins. The doctor says she needs to be on bed rest with leg elevated for one week. He wants her to continue her treatment with medication for 2 months to clear up the inflamation and then do surgery. She is scheduled to have a special ecodoppler (sonogram) of the veins in that leg done on Tuesday to see if there are other clots further up in that leg causing blockage and pain.


Alisha said...

Praying!! Wish I could be there to help out, but I'm sure you girls are taking great care of your sweet mama!

*~Virginia~* said...

We just got the email! We'll keep Mrs. Duarte in our prayers!!!
~Virginia Keckler~