Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long overdue post...

Tuesday Mr. Courter, Aaron, Josiah and Esther arrived in Cuiaba!

Jeny and Esther

Jed+Aaron=Best Friends!

Jana and Esther

Jed and Mr. Courter

Notice... The Smiles :)

And Tears :)

As you can tell...Best Friends!

After we picked them us at the airport we went to a fish restaurant to celebrate and celebrate Dad's Birthday.

The Courter children singing

Mr. Courter preatching and Jedidiah Translating

On Tursday Mr.Courter took the kids from church bowling...

And Go-Carting

What a Great time!

We ended the night with pizza!


Sarah Beth said...

love the pics! Looks like tons of fun

The Courter Family said...

Thanks for the post, Jana! I did see it the day it came out. The kids have sure grown! Looks like great fun. Wish we all could have come! Looking forward to more posts (hint, hint :))
Mom C