Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Update on Mom

Hello to all!

We wish to thank-you for praying for Mom's health. She is doing better and we want to say that we really appreciate all of those who have prayed, sent caring notes, etc.

Yesterday she had the eco-doppler done and saw her doctor again. The good news is that the clot has dissolved and there are no more clots in her leg! She no longer has to be on bed-rest, and we kiddos are so grateful! Life is just not as fun without Mom around! :-)
The "bad" news (which we kind of knew was coming) is that her safenous vein is three times the size it should be and she will need surgery to remove it sometime in the next few months. The doctor wants to schedule it in early May. So, we appreciate it if you will continue to keep us in your prayers. For the time being, we are rejoicing that she is feeling better and able to be up and walking again (I missed our morning walks together, Mom!).

Once again, a big thank-you to each and every one of you - our praying friends "holding the line".



Sarah Earnhart said...

Praying for you guys! I know how it feels when mom is down! : )

*~Virginia~* said...

I'm glad to hear that shes doing better!

Susana C. said...

amen. estaremos orando!

The Lockhart Family said...

Praise the Lord! We are glad you are back on your feet and will begin praying for the surgery! -- Jeremy