Monday, June 15, 2009

Pastor's day.

Yesterday we celebrated Pastor's day. These two sweet lady's gave a new pulpit and a new microphone to their Pastor and church.

The New pulpit

Trying it out

After Sunday school every one stayed and we had a big "churasco" lunch and sweet fellowship.

The guys preparing the meat

The ladies making "vinagrete"

Mom got to lay on her hammock and had all the little kids sing to her ALL the songs they know at the top of their lungs :)


They say the behind every great man, there is a great woman! So the ladies bought their Pastors wife a dozen red roses.

Pastor and his wife

Little Joao Pedro

Pretty Nathalia

Jessica and Camilly

Jana and Emanuelly

Is it ready yet?

Yum Let's eat!

Let the line begin...

The food was WONDERFUL.

After lunch we had a ping-pong rally,

The winner of the guys!

The winner of the girls!

The kids play at night.

We thank the Lord for our church and for our Pastor.

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Jessica Duarte Lima said...

What a fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!