Sunday, June 7, 2009

Prayer Request

Dear friends,
We would like to ask you all to pray with us for Alex, Jessica's husband. This morning he was admitted to the hospital with a 90% possibility of dengue fever. He is the third person from our church to have contracted this disease within the last two weeks. Dengue fever is caused by a mosquito bite.
Alex is recieving treatment at a local, government clinic. We are praying that he will not need to be transferred to the E.R. downtown, which they sometimes do since it has more resources. Please pray that he would recover well and quickly and that it would not turn into dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is a sever ecomplication of dengue that can be fatal.

Thank-you and may God bless!


Rebekah said...

We are definitely praying!
Love you all!

Daniel Devine said...

I'll be praying for Alex. --Blessings

{ jessica } said...

We are praying!