Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Many of you already know this fact, and I'm sure some have seen the pictures, so forgive me if it is repetitive, but this post is just as much for my pleasure as it is for the viewers!
I love sunsets. I collect pictures of them. Many thanks to those dear ones who 'indulge' me in this habit/hobby of mine and contributed many of these pictures. I have a slowly-growing file of these pictures and just couldn't keep it all to myself! I dediced to try to name them and share them here. The title is above the picture, the location and photographer underneath.
Hope you enjoy!

{gold glimmer}
:taken from my porch - by Janalee:

{flaming radiance}
:Cuiaba city - by Jedidiah:

{frosted silver}
:Linden, Tennesse - by dear friend:

{blushing prism}
:Brasil- by yours truly:

{harmony hues}
:Michigan - by Wade:

{irridescent orchid}:Brasil:

{veiled blaze} :Brasil:

{pearl glimmer}


{fire waves}

:Rio Branco, Acre - by Steve Doolittle:

{paradise dazzle} :Rio Branco, Acre - by Steve Doolittle:

Do you have a favorite?

God Bless!



Daniel Devine said...

Hmm, divided between the seventh one and the last one; love them both. Isn't it fascinating how many different kinds of sunsets we get to enjoy?

Alisha said...

They're all gorgeous! The last one would probably be my fav! Although, I also like the one with the guy swinging!

Anonymous said...

The last one is definitely the best!
It's been wonderful to read about your family and see pictures of what God is doing in Brazil!
God Bless You All!
Deanna Clopper

Rebekah said...

Wow Jeni! What a collection!
I Love the {veiled blaze} and {paradise dazzle}.
I also like the one Wade took.
Did you take the veiled blue picture and was it taken at the fish restaurant on the river?

Anne e Elle said...

Tudo bem??
Bom... sua fotos estão muito lindas
é difícil escolher qual é a favorita.....
mais vamos escolher a foto...{paradise dazzle}... ~:)
Made notícias....

*Anne & Elle*

~ Jenifer said...

Hello everyone! Thanks for all the comments!

Daniel, yes I think it wonderful that God created such beauty for us to enjoy! "Sunset o'clock" is probably my favorite time of the day.

Aunt Alisha, that last one ranks pretty high on my 'fave' list, too!

Deanna, what a pleasure to find you here! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Please say hello to your family for us.

Bekah, you have pretty good taste! I did take the Veiled Blaze one, but it was taken down river in Croara (where Dad grew up. The sunsets there are spectacular!

Anne e Elle, obrigado por comentar! A sua foto predileta foi tirada na sua outra "terra" - Acre!
Mande um oi para os seus pais.


Jessica Duarte Lima said...

It is so hard to decided. I have to agree with Rebekah about the veiled blaze and I also LOVE the irredescent orchid!

Lawanda Duarte said...

My very favorite is "blushing prism, I guess because I was there that marvelous evening! A close second is Uncle Steve's "Paradise Dazzle".

{ jessica } said...

Gold Glimmer and Harmony Hues - but they are all lovely!