Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sweet hearts outing

Last night the couples from our church went on a "Date" together.
This is something they do every year in June to celebrate our brazilian "valentine day".

They first went to the Mall and had Pizza,

Then they went to "Alaska" - an ice cream parlor

Last year each of the guys gave roses. This year they had to come up with their own gift. Some of them gave their wife roses...

Or Perfume,

One guy asked his friend to come and play 3 love songs to his wife...

Live on his Saxaphone...

Giovanni getting a hug...

Rafa making a declaration...

Here are the couples that went:

Rafael and Geane

Adilson and Lucimar

Geovanni and Francielly

Alexandro and Jessica

Rafael and Athays

Nivaldo and Erenice

Antonio and Lawanda

Rodrigo and Nayane went with us for the first time. We are praying for their Salvation.

The Whole group.

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Sarah Earnhart said...

awwwww everyone looks so loving and sweet! What a great idea. Thanks for keeping us updated!

Your friend,

Sarah Beth

Janalee, we'll have to chat soon! ya?