Saturday, July 11, 2009


Tursday night we went to the anually fair with some of the people from church
This Bull weighs more than 1000 Kilos!!! That is Over 1 TON!!!


Hold on Alex!!!

Yummm!!! Doesn't that look GOOD?!?!?!

Jeni and Jed enjoying cotton candy!

Janalee Ready....

Kick it Jeni!!!

This is a crazy ride that everyone (except me :) rode in.

I "HAD" to stay and take pics :)


It starts swinging...

And then stop's up there and you are upside down!!!

I did ride this one though!

Jess and Nathalia

Jana and Guga

Geane and Rafael

We ended the night with the Rodeo

What a Fun night!


Jessica Duarte Lima said...

It was a wonderful evening!!!!!

Sarah Beth Earnhart said...

wow! that first cow looked to scary! And I don't blame you for not riding that one upside down ride! I pretty much avoid roller coaster type rides in Peru! : ) Thanks for posting. I love reading anything on your blog!! : )


Holly said...

Looks like great fun! That is one HUGE bull! I don't think I would have been brave enough to get that close to it!