Thursday, July 23, 2009

VBS - Day 4

Howdy folks!

Today was another great day in our week. One of the best days so far. We had 84 in attendance! The kids payed such good attention to the Bible story. Today we talked about how Jesus had power over death. We used the story of the widow and her only son who Jesus raised from the dead. But we emphazises how, more importantly, Jesus had power over his own death!

Mom asked two volunteers to come up and helo her "act" the Bible story

Helping the "widow" ger her mourning garment on

Putting the "son" in his casket

Then Jesus steps in!

What power Jesus has, even over death!

Someone likes their t-shirt!
Mom, her monkey Chico and Pom-Pom

Once they learn the words, these kids sing from their hearts!

laughing at something funny

See you tomorrow!

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