Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Meeting

This past sunday afternoon, we held an unique meeting at a "camp" a few kilometers from our suburb. This 'camp' is in lots of wooded land that people are settling in hoping to gain a free lot. A sister from our church is "settling" there and asked Dad and the church to come and visit.

It was a great oportunity to share The Word.

Several people gathered to hear

We snapped pictures of the many "houses" where these people actually live!

Umm... a laundromat?

This is inside the "house" of the sister from church

So many smiling children!

We had a few people ask us to come and again and have a real church meeting. We pray that God's Word will work its way in the lost soul's hearts. Pray for the people of Brazil!

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Omar - Tracy Schrock said...

Very Exciting; Praise the Lord! Seems there is plenty of work still to do down there! Can't wait to get there!