Thursday, October 29, 2009

A "guest" post - of sorts!

Dear Friends,
Greetings from beautiful fall in South Carolina!

My sister and I are on Fall Break (a much-needed rest from school!) and I thought I would pop in an give you a brief update on our lives.

As we look back on the past 3 months, so much gratefulness floods our hearts. We thank God for all He has done and for allowing us this unique privilege. Jana and I have adjusted handsomely (I just love that word!) to our new season of life as college students. We feel like God is stretching and growing us in so many amazing ways. We are excited about the knowledge we are gaining and have come dearly appreciate the school and the kind teachers who are already as friends to us.

We are thankful to all of YOU who have prayed for us and expressed your encouragement in so many ways. There are many truths that I have learned as an MK, and one that I am especially appreciative of is of the fact of just HOW good God's people can be to MK's. The Lord has taken such good care of us. We deeply miss Brazil sweet home and our family as well, but God has given us such grace to handle the homesickness and has blessed us with that peace that passeth all understanding concerning where He desires us to be now.

I used to think that missionaries really had the biggest challenge when it came to living by faith; well, that was before I was a college student! Actually, no, I still very much admire missionaries' faith (and any other Christian's as well), and am especially grateful for the family I was blessed to grow up in. May I brag in my parents here a little bit? I'd like to publicly (or blogblicly!) rise up and bless them. I can honestly say that college has given me a whole new appreciation for my upbringing and for the influence of godly parents in my life. Thank-you Pai e Mae, for pouring your life into mine and for teaching me to love God and His Word. I am a blessed, happy person today because you never gave up one me! I love you both!

Below are a few pictures taken before Jed returned to Brazil. We miss him so!

In Christ Alone,


Sarah Beth said...

Thank you SO much for posting! You and Jana look so beautiful. : ) God is so good to us, He truly takes care of His own. Praying for you guys!


Jessica Duarte Lima said...

I love sisters, and I am so glad that you all are enjoying your time at ABC. You are greatly missed here, but we're so excited to see what the Lord has in store for you! Love you...
Your big sis,

Daniel Devine said...

Glad to hear school is going well! God bless you both!