Monday, December 21, 2009


To this blessed lady he is known as "AMORE", His four children lovingly call him "PAI" (father)

His church people and all who know him in Pedra 90, along with his Christian friends call him "PASTOR ANTONIO".

Those who know him from the fishing village where he grew up call him "ANTONIO DUARTE".

But we now have a new group of people he is in contact with. These are not related, do not know him as pastor, do not know his respected family name. These are: the lady we buy feed from, the man at the vet store, the man we bought the colt from, the farmer who leases our pasture for his cattle, the neighbors to our chacara (6 acres of land). And what do they call him? "ANTONIO CRENTE" (Antonio Believer) What do your names and nicknames say about you?

(a small homage to a great man! - I love you, Amore!)

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Jessica Duarte Lima said...

awwww. What a sweet post :)