Thursday, February 24, 2011

God Answers Prayer...In Unexpected Ways!

We have been praying and searching for 3 months for the right car for our kids to use to get from college to work and back. The Lord answered in an unexpected way through a dear family in TN who took great-grandpa Doolittle's 1967 pickup, rebuilt it and painted it red! Not only is it "sweet", but the truck gets to stay in the family! Thank you Lord! (and thank you "C's")


Anne e Elle said...

Que Benção! Que DEUS abençoe eles.

Um grande abraço

~ Anne & Elle ~

Daniel Devine said...

Whoo, nice ride, Jed! My first pickup truck was red, too. It was a gas guzzler!

Dante Mallet said...

That pickup truck looks dashing! It will be my son's birthday soon and I was thinking of a present to give him. Guess I'll just have that old pickup truck in my parent's house restored and give it to him.