Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Close Encounters of the Best Kind!"

You never know what a day may bring forth! Yesterday while downtown running errands we were cut off by a motorcycle and ended up side-swiping a parked car to keep from hitting the motorcyclist. We parked and went back to talk to the owner. She was impressed that we even stopped since it would have been easy to just keep on going and no one would have ever known who damaged her car. The damage was minimal (a long scratch and a tear in the bumper) and we settled on the amount and paid her to get it fixed. She offered us coffee and we shared the clear plan of salvation with her and 2 other ladies listening! She was under so much conviction! She wept, sharing with us about her life and her knowledge of her need of The Savior! She feels she needs to quit smoking and to clean up some things in her life first. We told her she needed to be saved first...and let Jesus help her clear up those things! She promised to come to our church next week. Please pray that she will! Pray for her salvation. Her name is Rosy. As we were leaving she started weeping again and said "I think that God let you hit my car to share with me what I needed to hear from God!" Now, I wouldn't suggest this method as a definite means of evangelism!(it is kind of expensive:) But, why not take advantage of the "encounters" that God allows in our lives?


Virg & Cheryl Baumgarten said...

Thanks for sharing. we will be lifting up rosy in prayer. Once again in shows that Jesus is in the business of using ordinary people to reach others for the kingdom.

O Schrock said...

Yes, we will pray for Rosy. What a great opportunity to be a witness and what a blessing that you didn't pass it up! Thankfully not all of our witnessing opportunities don't start out that way!