Sunday, April 10, 2011

Final Words: "Feeling the Grace of God!"

My Dear friend and Sister in Christ, Tereza Santos, completed her battle with cancer Friday evening and moved from here to the presence of the Lord whom she loved and so faithfully served. On Friday morning she called her husband of 31 years, Pastor Miqueias, by his pet name. He asked her "Are you feeling anything?" This was his custom as he gave her medication depending on the type and location of her pain. She answered "Yes". He asked her: "What are you feeling?" Her answer was: "I am feeling the Grace of God...the Grace of God...I am feeling the Grace of God." Those were her final words on this earth as she fell asleep and went Home to Glory during that sleep sitting in a chair in her own living room. Have you ever "felt" the Grace of God? What will be your final words? Tereza will be greatly missed...and Heaven just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!


The Lockhart Family said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. I know you will miss her much. You were always so caring for her and admire you much for that. I have been praying for your comfort as well as her families. It's so neat to see the way grace of God is exhibited during our life and in times of death! --Esther

Sarah Beth said...

wow, what a testimony! PTL she was able to make such a mark on the lives of others!