Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today we had 70 children registered, besides the workers and babies and adults how come along for the fun! (Around 100 in all) We have had several mothers visiting with their children for the first time ever at church! Please pray that we can reach these precious people!


Our theme today was “Laying Aside The Sin” and our Bible story was about Gideon. I had a “torch” and a “clay pot” and a “trumpet”. I had everything pre-arranged and when I raised the paper trumpet to my lips a boy from church blew an air horn! It was very loud and took a lot of kids by surprise!


The group of kids outside the church


The group of team leaders and helpers

(missing Jeremy Lockhart who has a fever today. Please pray that he will be better by tomorrow!)

VBS days 2 & 3 041

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