Friday, July 29, 2011


Another great day with 75 kids present. Our theme today was “Running With Patience” and our Bible story was about Job. Tomorrow is the last day and we covet your prayers as we talk about the “Finish line” and Heaven! Please pray that kids would get saved! if I asked for raised hands, I could easily have 70 kids “saved”, but we want it to be real! Thanks!

I get to explain all the prizes and point system!

Dan's VBS Day 1 017

We are taking up an offering to help pay for our church’s new sound system. It is a competition between the boys and the girls, and so far the boys are ahead! Bro. Omar made this cute scale and the kids are loving it!

Dan's VBS Day 1 005

Our teams are: RED (boys ages 3-8) ORANGE (boys ages 9-14) WHITE (girls ages 3-8) and YELLOW (girls ages 9-14). Tomorrow we will see who wins! Each “runner” gets a card to hang around his/her neck with their number, name, age, and holes punched for presence on the front and their “technical” info on the back (names of visitors brought and verses memorized)

Dan's VBS Day 1 009Dan's VBS Day 1 010

Another “favorite” time is the SNACK LINE!

Dan's VBS Day 1 034Dan's VBS Day 1 035

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