Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Israel Trip - Day 11

Thursday, May 3, 2012
This morning was the beginning of the 38th Prophetic Conference in Jerusalem of the group we came with, "The Midnight Cry". We met in a conference room right in the hotel. There were over 200 Brazilians present!
 It was very good! We learned much about Israel and Biblical Prophecy. The first speaker was Norbert Leith. He spoke in German and it was translated  in to Portuguese for us. The title was "The Precision of Biblical Prophecy"
 The second speaker was Meno Kalisher. He is a Messianic Jew and the pastor of The Jerusalem Assembly. He spoke on Zephaniah chapters 1 and 2. He spoke in English and it was translated in to Portuguese for us. I got a double dose!
 In the afternoon we visited "Yad Vashem", the Jerusalem Holocaust Museaum. It was sad beyond description!
 Here is a monument showing lives being cut off at all ages.
 The Children's Holocaust Memorial was impressive! Inside a dark labyrinth a tiny light appeared reflected in hundreds of mirrors. As one walked through, names and ages of children and the place of their death were read on a recording. These are read non-stop 24/7. The names that we heard while in there will only be repeated one year from now as there were so many children killed!
 An interesting cultural fact: Mezuzahs are even on museum doorways! (little boxes containing a parchment roll with Scripture written on it)
You can buy them in all sizes, shapes, colors and materials! I didn't buy one as I prefer to have God's Word written on my heart!
 The evening was free for whatever one wanted to do. Some took trains and buses downtown for shopping. We opted for a delicious Kosher, light supper of fresh mushroom soup and salad and to bed early! It felt wonderful to finally have a few hours to just relax after the fast pace we have been keeping!

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