Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Israel Trip - Day 12

Friday, May 4, 2012
Today was the second and final day of the Prophetic Conference. Meno Kalisher spoke on "God's Love for Israel" from Zephaniah 3. Norbert Leith spoke on "The Fascination of Biblical Prophecy".
In the afternoon we visited some special places in Jerusalem. One was The Upper Room where Jesus had the last supper with his disciples and where the disciple supposedly were on the Day of Pentecost!
A church was built over the site in the 4th century....
 ...but they say that the floor is the original floor that Jesus and His disciples walked on!
A courtyard view nearby where camels were "parked" in days of yore!
The traditional place of King David's Tomb; although he was probably really buried in his home town of Bethlehem or in the City of David ( a fortress inside Jerusalem).
We entered through the "Jaffa" Gate and went to the Arab market there.
It was so interesting! We were able to buy souvenirs for all on our list at a reasonable price.
It was quite crazy and crowded with yelling and bargaining! Today is the Arab's "holiday" but as our Jewish guide said: "They prefer making a dollar to observing the day"! 
At night we had the privilege of visiting Pastor Meno Kalisher's church in Jerusalem for a night of Israeli music! The believers there are called "Messianic Jews" and not "Christians" because "Christian" can mean any religion that is not Muslim... including Catholic!
 It was fascinating to see what God is doing there and how this church evangelizes and ministers to the needy in spite of persecution!

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