Saturday, June 2, 2012

Israel Trip - Day 4

Thursday, 04/26/2012
Today was a sight-seeing day in downtown Cairo - the 3rd largest city in the world! We saw thousands of unfinished brick buildings and learned the reason! The father buys land and builds the first floor for himself. Then each of his children get a floor as they marry. They only start paying taxes when the building is stuccoed and painted. So......they are never finished! Smart?
The Nile River in all it's splendor and mystery. It runs from south to north instead of north to south!
       We visited the Egyptian Museum and saw all the priceless items of King Tut and others. The museum has over 200,000 artifacts and if one were to spend just one minute seeing each item it would take over 3 months straight to see everything!
 Right next to the museum are signs the political unrest and violence of the week before.
 We also visited a place that makes paper from the Papyrus plant. It was very interesting.
 In the afternoon we visited the Pharaonic Village by pontoon boat. We saw how life was in the time of Moses. They had real actors acting out all the professions of the time. There was even Pharaoh's daughter and maid rescuing the baby Moses from the bulrushes! Unfortunately we didn't pay the extra to use our camera there! It was very enlightening!
 There were street vendors all over selling exotic things and melons, onions, garlic and all the things that the children of Israel longed for back in Egypt! One interesting thing was to see donkeys with carts making deliveries unmanned! The donkeys are so smart they know where to go by themselves. Our Egyptian guide informed us that, "Since the donkeys here are that smart....just imagine the people!"
 We got an unexpected peek into Arab culture back at the hotel as a wedding party was arriving for their reception! The loud music and dancing was very interesting. The "Holy day" in Egypt (as in all Arab countries) is from sundown on Thursday to Sundown on Friday! So actually it is Friday instead of Saturday as for the Jews or Sunday for the Christians!

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