Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Israel Trip - Day 7

Sunday, April 29, 2012
Today we visited the country of Jordan and learned a lot about its history, cultures and customs. It took 2 hours to get our passports stamped to enter the country. The border city is almost one big city divided in to 3 parts: Taba, Egypt; Eilat, Israel and Aqaba, Jordan.
 We saw fields and fields of camels. At one place where we stopped for souvenirs some Arab men were wanting to trade camels for a tourist woman! I am serious! (a camel is worth from 1,500 dollars to hundreds of thousands for high bred race camels....and a wife is worth 1 to 100 camels...whatever her parents decide!)
 We saw fields and fields of goats and sheep. The area is very dry and desert like.  They say that it was once forest but was all cut down 100 years ago to build a railroad to Mecca!
 We hiked 4 kilometers to visit of the seven wonders of the world! It was amazing to see a city able to house 35,000 people cut entirely out of rock! The theater could seat 4,000! Even the cemeteries were of rock! (below)
 The roadway in to Petra.
 The Treasure House in Petra.
 An Arabian horse and rider.
 People on the streets in Jordan.
 We ate lunch at this quaint restaurant. It was fantastic!
 It reminded me of a castle....and the food!....
 ....was the best Arab food of the entire trip! There was a thin crepe-like thing filled with chicken and vegetables and a beef stuffed green squash. And of course, don't forget the humus! For dessert they served a hot bread pudding sweetened with honey that was delicious!
 We saw many Bedouin camps and leaned about them. It is amazing how those people survive out there! Many of them own houses for rent in the cities and live this way to preserve their culture and traditions. A Bedouin tent costs around 30,000 dollars! They are covered with camel hides which are cool in the summer; warm in the winter and impermeable!
Fortunately immigration and customs didn't take as long going back in to Israel. Ready for a good night's rest as tomorrow we see Jerusalem!

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