Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Israel Trip - Day 9 - Part 1 - Old City Jerusalem

Tuesday, June 1, 2012
Once again I am going to have to divide this day in to parts. It was so full and so exciting! I took 284 pictures just today! We visited the Old City of Jerusalem!
 Jerusalem is beautiful beyond description! I am going to have to make an entry sometime later just of the flowers of Israel. It is like a garden!
Jaffa Gate
Ruins of the Old City near Temple Mount (Huldah's Gate)
Dung Gate
Archaeological site near Robinson's Arch
The Western Wall
Temple Mount (The Dome of the Rock)
 A view toward the Mount of Olives from Temple Mount
Ruins of the Pool of Bethesda.
           Enjoying the day in Jerusalem walking where Jesus walked!
                                         "Down the Via Dolorosa"
 Damascus Gate

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