Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Israel Trip - Day 9 - Part 2 - Bethlehem

Tuesday, June 1, 2012
We left Jerusalem to visit Bethlehem and have lunch there. Bethlehem, like Jericho and many others cities, is under Palestinian domain. Our Jewish tour guide could not go in with us. You can see the wall surrounding the city near this olive plantation.
 The entire city is walled and heavily guarded.
 There are all kinds of pictures and graffiti on the walls.
 Some of the pictures are not very nice and show hatred for the Jews!
 Downtown Bethlehem is lovely with lots of roses.
 The Church of Nativity in Bethlehem that marks the supposed place where Jesus was born.
 We also visited the Herodian Fortress. Herod had it built and then surrounded by a hill for secrecy and security.
 The archaeological ruins and the luxury of the place impressed us....complete with running water and sauna!
 Shepherds still keep sheep in the fields around Bethlehem!
 We visited "Shepherd's Field", the supposed place where the angels appeared to the shepherds announcing that Jesus was born!

 And sang "Glory to God in the Highest!
 The sky had an eerie look to it as we left Bethlehem. All the Muslim and Catholic things made it a sad place to visit instead of the happy place we had expected!

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