Friday, June 29, 2012

Our Church's Annual Couple's Outing

Every year around the Brazilian Valentine's Day (June 12th), we have a special outing for the married couple's of our church. Each year it keeps getting better and better! This year we found the perfect spot in an open garden room of a pizza restaurant. We had the room all to ourselves!
 The decorations were red and white with roses and petals, candles, fancy name cards and boxes of chocolate bomboms from the famous Cacau Show! It was very romantic! We ate, played games, had a gift/serenade exchange, a short devotional challenge from pastor followed by dessert!
 We had 9 couple are the pictures of all but one couple (Geane & Rafael) who had to leave before the pictures!
       Alex & Jessica           The Newlyweds! Joao & Diesica

        Giovane& Francielly                     Omar & Tracy Schrock                                                                                                   

     Rafael & Athays                        Claudio & Ana Paula
 This couple is unsaved and  just recently started
 coming to church. Please pray for their salvation!

        Antonio & Lawanda                                   Adilson & Lucimar

How about making plans to join us next year?!

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