Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VBS 2012 - Day 1

We had a great first day of VBS with record attendance! We had 77 kids + 10 workers + 6 parents + 3 babies = 96! Our theme this year is
                                Our church decorated like a "jungle"
 It is kind of like a Kid's Missionary Conference as we "travel" around the world learning what missionaries teach the people and looking for the "Lost in the Jungle". We even have "passports" to stamps with "Visas" for each day!
                               Our song leader - Bro. Jeremy Lockhart.
                               Our Bible verse teacher - Esther Lochart.
                                 "Your Truly" teaching the Bible story.
                                    Our first day attendance! 77 kids!
 Today we "visited" Russia and had "Mrs. Katrina Warsocovich" as a special guest! She taught us about customs and culture in Russia and taught us to sing "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" in Russian! We didn't find a "jungle" there, but we discovered that there are many "lost" in Russia!
 Coloring time....one of the kid's favorite things to do.  Many of them never have crayons or coloring books at home.
Come with us tomorrow as we "visit" Japan seeking for the "Lost in the Jungle"!

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