Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VBS 2012 - Day 2

The temperature dropped to the lower 60's (F) and we were afraid attendance would drop also! (We are in the "dead of winter" you know!) Praise the Lord we had more kids than yesterday! 89 kids!
 Coloring time is always special....even when you have to kneel on the hard tile floor and use the bench for a desk!
 And all ages LOVE the puppets! (Well, maybe not the under 3 years olds who are afraid of them:)
Our "trip" today was to Japan and we had a special guest tell us all about her country. "Mrs. Haruka Sakura" taught us how to sing "Yes Jesus Loves Me" in Japanese. We didn't find any jungle in Japan....but we discovered that there are a lot of lost people on that island!
Well, it is "Sayonara" for today! Where we "visit" tomorrow they say "Shalom". Come join us for the fun!

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