Friday, July 20, 2012

VBS - Day 4

We had a record high so far for the week with 96 kids + 17 adults + 3 babies + 116 total! 
Our Bible lesson is 5 things that missionaries teach their people. So far we have studied : #1 heaven is real, #2 All have sinned, #3 God loves you, #4 Jesus died, was buried and rose again.
Our cultural trip was to Saudi Arabia and "Mrs. Salima Abdul" taught us about her people, their language  and their religion. We discovered the Islam is growing rapidly around the world. We found dessert instead of jungle but lots and lots of lost people! We learned how to sing "Yes Jesus Loves Me" in Arabic.
We gave an invitation for salvation today by asking those who wanted to be saved to stay after class and talk to us. Elivelton is 10 years old and talked with Bro. Jeremy. He was confused because of his "religious" upbringing and needed assurance of salvation.
I had the privilege of dealing with 4 girls who prayed asking Jesus to save them! That is what it is all about! Please pray for these! They are from left to right: Kezia (11); Aline (11); Alice (9) ad Amanda (9).
Also, please pray for more decisions on our final day! Hopefully we will find the "Lost in the Jungle" before VBS ends!

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