Saturday, July 21, 2012

VBS - Day 5

Our final day was "Dress-up" day and we had a few kids accept the challenge to come dressed as a person from another country! We had 99 kids and 21 adults present!
This scary woman must be some Sheikh's wife! She is reading a letter from our missionary in the Amazon who describes what monkey brains taste like! We took up an offering for those missionaries in the amount of 125 reais (about 60 dollars)
We had "visitors" from many countries! This little girl's grandma is a seamstress and made her an outfit from India.
Sri-Lanka, Hawaii, Japan, and who knows where else were represented
Even had an "Irish" lad!
We had several "Brazilian Indians"


And the cutest little "Jewish" boy imaginable!
We even had an American Cowboy!
We visited the Amazon Jungle of Brazil and finally found "The Lost in the Jungle" that we were looking for all week! "Mrs. Iara Jatoba'" from the Yanomami tribe taught us how to sing our theme song in her tribal language.
The best news is that Jose Henrique (age 10) made a profession of salvation!
It was a busy week but we rejoice in being able to get the Gospel message to these families. We reached 156 kids this week! Please pray for permanent fruit! 

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