Sunday, July 19, 2015

Amazon Adventures - Day 12

July 2nd was spent in Vilhena, Rondonia with the Divino Family. Our church in Pedra 90 recently took this precious family on for support. Pastor Isaías, Rachel and their 2 girls, Hanina and Harriet (baby girl #3 due in October)
Lawanda and Rachel had a wonderful morning full of "lady" fellowship! It was also a terrific opportunity to do the almost two weeks of dirty laundry, thus facing the upcoming busy weekend with suitcases full of clean laundry! What a big blessing!
The men went for a drive around town to see the field and opportunities for ministry there. The Divinos have been there only a few months. 

The men had the unexpected privilege of visiting an indian tribe while out! The tribes are off limit to any outsiders as this sign clearly posts: (Forbidden the entrance of non-authorised persons)
But, if an indian from that tribe offers to take you, (or rather sees it as an opportunity to get a free ride home), you can go in. Thus Pr. Antonio, Pr. Isaías and Stephen got to go into a Nambikwara indian tribe. The road in was a powdery trail and several places they could only make it with 4 wheel drive.
The situation of the indians there was heartbreaking! Extreme poverty and spiritual darkness! They even had 3 young girls locked in a hut awaiting the tribal's "going out" ritual soon.

Rondonia has the following ethnicities: Aikanã, Ajuru, Amondawa, Arara, Arikapu, Ariken, Aruá, Cinta Larga, Gavião, Jabuti, Kanoê, Karipuna, Karitiana, Kaxarari, Koiaiá, Kujubim, Makuráp, Mekén, Mutum, Nambikwara, Pakaanova, Paumelenho, Sakurabiat, Suruí, Tupari, Uru Eu Wau Wau, Urubu, Urupá

Our state of Mato Grosso has an estimated 28,000 indians from 38 different ethnicities. Currently the Gospel is closed to these people as the government doesn't want the culture "changed"! Pray for these lost souls!
We went out for pizza that night and then to bed early as we had to get up very early to leave at 6 a.m. It was such a blessing to fellowship with the dear Divino family. Pray for them as they minister in Vilhena! And Rachel, thanks for the delicious coffee cake for the trip!

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