Sunday, July 19, 2015

Amazon Adventures - Day 13 - End of the Trail!

Friday, July 3rd, we left Vilhena at 6:00 a.m. for a 13 hour bus trip home.  We got seats up front and above the driver so had a marvellous view of the countryside!
We took a different route back through Mato Grosso that went through an indian reservation near Campo Novo dos Parecis.  The road was about half blacktop and half dirt in many spots!
The Paresis indians charge a fee for every vehicle that goes through their reservation. 
A couple of views of their wayside station.
This was controlled by the indigenous village of Wazare.
We saw beautiful rivers...
and wild fires along the road!
Mato Grosso has hundreds of miles of farm land! We saw corn, soybeans, beef, sorghum, beef cattle and fields and fields of sunflowers dropping their heavy heads like a million shower heads in a row!

The cotton foils were white and ready to harvest and reminded us of another Harvest which is also ripe and ready! Towns and cities in our country with no true Gospel witness!
The day is ending....
The sun is setting over our land!
Who will go and tell them while there is still time? Who will say: "Lord, here am I, send me"?

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