Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Amazon Adventures - Day 4 - Part 1 - Bolivia

On Wednesday morning, June 24th, 2015, we went to visit Cobija, Bolivia.  Cobija is right across the Acre River from the adjoined cities of Brasileia and Epitaciolandia. Antonio and I had been there 13 years ago and we were amazed at the modern change and growth since then. The 2001 census has the population at 20,987 and the current census at 55,692! To get to Cobija one crosses this "Friendship Bridge"

Here are a couple of views of downtown.

A historical monument.
 Cobija has a lot of tourists who go to buy imported clothing and electronics because Bolivia doesn't charge the high import taxes that Brazil charges.
 There are still a few reminders of the past like the exposed food in the open markets....
 meat hanging out in the open to the delight of the flies (notice the cow tripe cleaned and ready to fill for sausage)....
 and freshly squeezed orange juice on every street corner.

 It is interesting that a single river can separate two totally different cultures and two different languages! (Brazil speaks Portuguese and Bolivia speaks Spanish). We felt the great need for the true Gospel in this sister country!

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