Thursday, July 9, 2015

Amazon Adventures - Day 4 - Part 2 - Brasileia

The town of Brasileia has a population of about 24,000 and hasn't changed all that much since we were there 13 years ago. Many streets are still unpaved. The town was hit twice within the past few years with severe flooding. One flood was in February of this year and signs of the devastation are still prevalent.  Here are a couple of street scenes.
Bolivians selling their wares illegally on the streets of Brasileia.

This is a side view of the church through the screened bedroom window of the pastor's house.
For lunch, Lawanda fried up some Pirarucu fish Cuiabano style. It was delicious. The fish was huge so each fried file' was almost plate sized! Here is what a Pirarucu looks like:
We had a great Wednesday night service. The attendance was low, as it is in most of our Brazilian churches on Wednesday, due to the fact that high schools and colleges all have classes at night. This allows the students to work during the day. Stephen gave his testimony in English and Dad Duarte translated it in to Portuguese. Both did a wonderful job and I was so proud of them. Stephen sang a solo in Portuguese..."Day by Day";
and Dad Duarte preached a great message of encouragement on "The Ax Head That Swam".
The people were loving and we talked for a long time after church. This dear family offered to take us out to try Peruvian food after church. (Peru is about 56 miles away but the restaurant was only about 2 miles away!) Mr. Rivaldo, Mrs. Aldenice and their teenage daughter Mariana, took us to the Peregrino Restaurant. We had the largest pizza I had ever seen!
It had 16 pieces and 4 different kinds! The crust is similar to pizza you know but instead of a tomato sauce it had a kind of white sauce and the toppings were highly particular!
1) steak and chips - strips of steak and Pringles
2) stroganoff - chunks of beef and  french fries
3) Palm hearts
4)Peregrino - the house special and my favourite!
We also tried a Peruvian soft drink called "Inca Cola". It is very yellow in colour and made from an herb. It tastes kind of like bubblegum! It was "OK" but cannot compare to the local guarantee soft drink called "Tuchaua". That is really delicious!
It was a blessed time and we were reminded of the need to pray more for our dear friends there! We love you Pr. William and sister Silvia!


Mark said...

Wow! How many people can a fish like that feed?!

Thank you for posting the pictures and descriptions. They provide a completely different perspective of the world to us gringos.

Mark said...

And just how did they catch that fish? I've heard of people catching fish with their hands.

Lawanda Duarte said...

The Pirarucu is the largest fresh water fish in Brazil. It can get up to 3 meters long (9 ft. 9 in.) and weigh up to 250 kgs. (551 lbs) That can certainly feed a lot of people Brother Mark! They are caught on a large hook using natural live bait. - Lawanda