Thursday, July 16, 2015

Amazon Adventures - Day 8

Sunday, the 29th of June, we had to leave early (7 a.m.) for the new work Pr. Francisco and family is starting in a little town called Rodrigues Alves. The 8 of us went part of the way by car and motorcycles, and then had to cross the Juruá River on a ferry.
The public buses and school buses in that area are quite different!
This new congregation was started only 2 months ago. It is under a canvas covering beside the small wooden house of a Christian family there.
                      Stephen played the violin there and Pr. Antonio taught the adult SS class.
I had the privilege of teaching the children's class which this week consisted of 4 little girls. I told them the story of David and Goliath. It was amazing because none of them had EVER heard that story before!
We got to visit and see the new lot that they recently bought for the building of the new church. It is in a nice location and entirely paid for. They want to start construction this month! Will you pray for the Lord's provision for this building? (Pr. Francisco and his sons, Timóteo and Silas)
In the afternoon I had the privilege of meeting Pr. Francisco's mother and father. Dona Maria is 94 and Sr. Lazaro is 83 years old! They are very sweet people....but both need to be saved! Please pray for their salvation!
In the evening the Reis family went back to the congregation in Rodrigues Alves for the evening service but Pr. Antonio, Stephen and I stayed in town for a service in the church there. This church was started by Pr. Francisco 20 years ago. He built the building and recently turned this ministry over to another pastor so that he could move on to the new work in Rodrigues Alves.
There were about 40 people present in the evening service there in Cruzeiro do Sul. Stephen sang and gave his testimony and Pr. Antonio preached.

After church Pr. Francisco's family took us out for a sandwich called a "X-Tudo" (Cheese Everything) It was huge! One could have served 4 people! The fellowship was the best part!
And of course, we had to try their local guaraná called "Cruzeirense"!
                     And another night under the mosquito nets to keep from getting malaria!
Good Night!

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