Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Lesson From The Ipê Trees

August is the ugliest month of the year in central-western Brazil......a grey month; a windy month; a smokey month from all the grass fires; an undefined month of extremes between cool and heat; a dusty month of dry, dry, dryness! Yet it is in this month that God makes the lovely Ipê tree to blossom. The flamboyant colours of yellow, purple, white or pink mark a stark contrast to the parched, brownish colours of their surroundings. How can these lovely trees blossom without the first drop of rain? Where do they get the strength to show so much life amidst so much "dying"?  I think there is a lesson for us here!


It is not from exterior factors, like rain, that the tree gets the needed strength to blossom, but from the sap that flows within! When the Holy Spirit of God lives within a person, he or she CAN blossom even amidst the most torrid circumstances!

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