Monday, August 10, 2015

Father's Day - 2015

We had a wonderful Father's Day at church yesterday. (Father's Day in Brazil is the second Sunday in August) Antonio preached a great message from Psalm 127 about "A Mighty Man - The Father".  The entire program and decorations were simple.

I recited a poem that I wrote for the occasion entitled "Oração Ao Pai" (Prayer to The Father) and these young ladies sang "The Glory of Children is Their Father". There was not a dry eye in the building during this time!
 The oldest child of each dad present came up front and said something to his/her dad. We gave each dad a personalised keychain with a picture of his children on it.
Afterwards we all hung around for a "Torta de Frango" (Chicken Tort), soft drinks and lots of sweet fellowship. It was a wonderful day of praise to Our Heavenly Father!

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