Wednesday, October 7, 2015


May I share a very special prayer request with you? Please pray for the salvation of our eye doctor, Dr. Antonio Florencio. He has been Antonio's ophthalmologist for over 35 years, and Antonio has witnessed to him many times during those years.  He is a strong Catholic. Two years ago he retired, but has recently returned to work at the age of 72 because he just can't "sit still"! Today we went to see him as Antonio has been experiencing foggy vision in his good eye. We had a wonderful opportunity to witness to him again and he finally seems open and questioning. He wants to meet with us sometime outside of the office to talk about these things at leisure. Please pray that it will happen! We go back this Friday as Antonio needs more complex testing done to see the extent of a cataract. Pray that we will be able to set up a time to talk to him more about salvation.....and that we can chose the right literature to leave with him.  Spiritual blindness is so much worse than physical blindness!

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