Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Tribute To My Mother

My Mother, Marilyn Doolittle, was one of the most amazing women the world has ever known! She went to Brazil as a missionary at the age of 27 with her husband and 5 young children. She had 2 more children and a miscarriage there. She has lived in grass houses with no electricity or running water and cooked on wood. She has been in Heaven now for almost 22 years and I still miss her so much....but I would not want her to come back!  I wrote this poem for her on Valentine's Day in 1981 and thought it appropriate as an homage to her today.

I've tried so many time, Dear Mom
To write my thanks to you
For all the love and tender care,
Your prayers and letters too.
But it seems the words would never come,
The words that had to be
To tell you just the way I feel 
And what you mean to me!
God made you very special, Mom,
He knew I needed you,
For without your encouraging words
I don't know what I'd do.
God took the sweetness of a lollipop,
The beauty of a dew-kissed rose,
The heart to wash a dirty face
And wipe a runny nose.
The endurance to hold a squawking babe
Who would rather not sit still;
The love to lead a soul to Christ,
In the lost land of Brazil.
The softness of a snowflake,
The patience of no other;
God put all these things together 
To make my special Mother!
You are an faithful comrade,
An understanding wife.
You meet with quiet fortitude
The challenges of life.
Your life has been a sacrifice
In serving young and old.
In sorrow, heartaches and hardships
You came forth pure as gold!
You'll always be Dad's blushing bride,
You raised your family - seven.
Nurturing them on God's Word and prayer
You showed the way to Heaven.
The memories that come to mind
On such a special day,
Is that your true love and faith in God
Though tested, did not sway!
I am so thankful to my God
And shall forever be,
For favouring me so very much
By giving you to me!
I have one goal I hope to reach
Before my life here is through
And this my darling, precious Mom;
To be as sweet as you!
           Lawanda Doolittle Duarte

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