Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Dear Ruth!

On April 30th Ruth Doolittle turned 80! A huge celebration was held in Greenville, SC, in her honour.
Our children were able to be there and to sing some of her favourite songs.

Unfortunately, Antonio and I could not be present as we had speaking engagements in Texas. As we were crossing the Texan plains I wrote a little poem for her and sent it via text message on the cell phone to be read at her party:

Here is a poem for a sweet lady
Who today is turning eighty.
She's still young and full of life
And made my Dad a perfect wife.
Helpmeet, companion and friend,
To dear Ruth this message I send:
"You have known your share of sorrow
But, trusting in HIM who holds tomorrow
As those tested and tried of old
You have come forth pure as gold!
You are a gift sent from heaven above
Filling our lives with joy and love.
Even though you may not be wealthy,
You have kept Daddy happy and healthy!
I am sad that I cannot be there
To with you this celebration share
But I send this with heartfelt truth
To say: 'Happy Birthday Dear Ruth!'"

 Lawanda Doolittle Duarte

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