Sunday, May 1, 2016

Playing Catch-up for January 2016

Hello Friends and Prayer Partners! I have been gone for a while from here and want to start posting again but I thought that I should make a few quick "catch-up" posts for the months I missed for you to see! I also like to look back at these myself and see what God has done! We are so blessed!

The highlight of January was a trip to the northern part of our great state of Mato Grosso as a survey trip with Jessica and Ale. e feels Go calling him in to full time ministry and was surveying a couple of cities there. It was such a sweet time!

We were impressed by the need of the true Gospel in all of these growing cities.

                    And were able to pray there for God's will and direction in Alex and Jessica's lives,    
                but also for the Lord to send more labourers so that those souls can be saved!

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