Friday, August 12, 2016

Terre Haute, IN

On Wednesday, August 10th, we were at Terre Haute Bible Baptist Church in Indiana.

We were so blessed to meet the new pastor and his family there; Pr. Kevin  and Liz Szwarga
The people were so kind and loving! They had a lovely "Servant's Quarters" prepared for us to stay and a welcome basket of fruit and goodies!
We cannot even begin to recount all the other ways this church was a blessing to us! The Pastor and his wife took us out on Tuesday evening to celebrate our anniversary.  We had never been to Outback before and enjoyed the experience (and the steak) immensely! The service was awesome and a soul got saved! They gave us a very special love offering to buy either a new stove or a washing machine when we return to Brazil next month. After the service the ladies of the church had a "shower" of gifts for Lawanda. Two ladies from church also took us out for supper before we "hit the road" again! We felt so loved! We are so blessed to have these dear people as partners in the Lord's Harvest in Brazil!
In the afternoon we were able to visit Lawanda's precious Uncle and Aunt in Terre Haute. 
Neither are in good health so they couldn't get out to church, but it surely was great seeing them again. We love you! Uncle Ralph and Aunt Grace Doolittle

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