Monday, August 8, 2016

Trip Adventures from NC to WI

We had some exciting (and not so exciting) "adventures" on our 2 day trip from NC to WI. I won't bore you with all the details but they included:
1) a 1 and 1/2 hour stop on the interstate due to an accident ahead;
2) almost getting rear ended (the other car scraped the guard rail to keep from hitting us)
3) heavy rain storms;

4) a very dirty hotel in Seymour IN;
5) a 4 1/2 hour delay in our trip including a 3 hour back track and trip to another city for a wallet that had been accidentally dropped at a rest area. This wallet contained Lawanda's drivers license, bank card and check book! We praise the Lord that it was found intact!
6) a lovely sunset over beautiful Wisconsin farmland;

7) arriving very late at our destination of Viroqua, WI to discover that all hotels were were of all the surrounding towns!
8) driving 45 minutes to La Crosse and checking 13 difference hotels, motels and inns to discover "No Vacancy" everywhere!
9) getting the front of the car stuck up on a curb while trying to manoeuvre a turn around;
10) missing a turn and getting lost and ending up in the tiny town of Genoa, WI at 1 a.m.;
11) discovering how great our God really is even when circumstances seem contrary!  This could be an entire post in itself but to make a long story short, God sent a lady at a place we enquired to have mercy on us...and although she had no vacancies either....she let us stay in a historical limestone house that she rents out to tourists on a weekly basis!
Not only did God provide a place to rest our weary bodies....but we had 10 beds to choose from in a delightful place called "The Loft".

Plus a living room....2 baths....
.....and a full kitchen!

Imagine our surprise to awake in the morning and see the beauty of God's creation surrounding us! The front balcony overlooked the mighty Mississippi River! 

And the surroundings were a garden in bloom!

Isn't God good?

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