Sunday, October 16, 2016

Children's Day

October 12th is Children's Day here in Brazil and a national holiday. We take the opportunity to have a special meeting for children as a means of evangelising. We were hoping for at least 50 children....and we had 96 kids plus 20+ adults!
Stephen Doolittle did an awesome job as a "mad scientist" and explained why Creation is so much more credible than evolution! He shot the "Big Bang" Theory to pieces! Two eggs slammed together did NOT produce a chicken...

And mud, water and firecrackers did NOT produce a clay brick!
The Biblical account of Creation was taught with a clear Gospel message.

Water balloons tossed high in the air were to be caught by the kids for a prize! They all got refreshing showers!
Several games....

and relays....

and snacks and treats....cotton candy being the favourite...completed the day!

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